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Forget all about authenticity – Embrace the art of artificiality.

After all, who needs a genuine brand image when you can have a perfectly crafted, machine-made one instead?!

There’s this myth going around that AI is going to replace the human element in branding, that if everyone starts using these tools to replace the people part of their business then brands are going to become dull and lifeless and, well, robotic! But it’s not true.

Let’s not forget the most important aspect of any brand… YOU!

You can’t replace the YOU in your brand with any tool, no matter how well trained it is, no matter how great it is at replicating human actions, you can’t replace human connection with an algorithm. But you CAN use these tools to make your brand stronger, to help support your brand, to help you create stronger, more personal connections with your customers.

Brands that are lazy with technology are easy to spot. Like that overused, hardly edited Canva template you can sense from a mile away. You can tell there’s been very little human thinking involved, the brand has been sucked right out of it, replaced with lazy generic graphics, it’s just not special anymore.

But that’s not to say that using AI tools in your brand isn’t a good thing. AI is already being used to assist with various tasks in business, including marketing and advertising. However, it’s important to remember that while these tools are great at helping support your creative process, they cannot replace the YOU in your brand entirely.

Human intuition, empathy, and experience are still crucial in shaping brand strategies and marketing campaigns. Embracing technology can absolutely enhance and support the creative thinking of business owners, but it should not replace it

The human touch is what sets your brand apart, and that’s something that AI can never replace. When you prioritise creative thinking and focus your brand strategy on delivering human-to-human experiences, you’ll create a brand that’s unique, genuine, and outsmarts any robot!

What are you doing today to show the human in your brand?

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