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unseen audit

 Before you design your brand you need to know where you stand. The unseen brand audit reveals your blind spots so you can bridge the gap between where you are now & where you want to be.

digital Brand Audit

uncover your unseen

colour codes

Choosing colours for your brand isn't by chance it's by design. Using the the psychology of colour and the unseen brand method this guide will help you create your brands unique colour code

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Being seen is fundamental to every successful brand. But getting eyes on your brand isn’t the hard bit. Making sure they’re the right ones is where the fun starts. It's not just about visibility; it's about being visible in the right places, in the right manner, to the right people.

masterclass series

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the unseen brand

of a designer

Ever wondered what exactly goes on in the mind of a designer. Join Dee for this exclusive, immersive, deep dive into the creative brain behind the brand

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brand plan

The ultimate in-person experience for business owners who are ready to go from unseen to seen & beyond


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The brandroom

Unlimited support for you and your brand. You get my brain on call, whenever you need it.

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when it comes to your brand, there's nothing I won't do to see you succeed

There will always be competition for what you do, but not for the way you do it. When you build your brand from your unseen you make the competition irrelevant.

Let’s get you clear on exactly what you want to be known for.And how to translate that into a wildly wanted and wealthy brand.

One that builds your authority, creates an obsession and makes more money!

Let’s get you clear on exactly what you want to be known for.And how to translate that into a wildly wanted and wealthy brand.

- part one -


The unseen brand

Every decision in your business should begin with what you can’t see -the unseen strategy behind your brand.

Your Identity, your personality, the way you see the world. This is your mission, it’s not just what you know, it’s how you know it, your perspective, your ideas, the way you think and how this shapes a brand that becomes the only choice for your perfect customers. 

- part TWO -


The seen brand

When you have mastered the unseen you can start to design the seen - this is the visual design stage of your brand. Using your unseen to strategically design your seen.

When you are fiercely intentional with the way you build your brand, when you strip back all of the things that are not you, when you remove all the expectations and attempts to be something you’re not because you thought that was what people wanted you to be. When you face your unseen, that's where you’ll find your best competitive advantage.

- part Three -


beyond the brand

Life after the Logo! This is strategy again but this time it’s the seen brand strategy, it’s how and where and when you show up in the world.

It’s your revenue and your reputation; how you define the narrative around your brand. It’s the way you show up. How you connect with people and how you create a brand that people want to connect with.

working with ambitious business owners

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From confidence coaching to full-scale rebrands,

Whether it's deciphering the psychology of design or orchestrating marketing campaigns that resonate, when you work with with me, you get a bespoke blueprint designed to evolve alongside your ambitions.