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Who am I, and what do I have to show to the world?

What can I do, and what do I want to be remembered for?

We tend to roam through this life doing what we’re told. For the most part. For the majority of us. We’re taught from a young age to do this and not that.

We grow up to be what we’re expected we should be. To listen to those around us and do as we’re told. Because it’s easier. Because it’s better. Because that’s what we were taught. Because that’s how to make sure everyone is happy.

But does it make you happy? Does it fill your life with value and meaning?

Maybe you woke up today and started to question if you’re just existing? If you’re simply drifting through life because it’s easier that way. Perhaps you felt this for a while. What if you’re just existing and not living your life?

Spend some time this week getting to know who you are. What do you like? What do you dislike? What is important to you and why? What are your dreams?

Because you are still the same person you were when you were five and three.

Be curious, question everything, and be brutally honest with yourself.

When building sandcastles gave you hours of enjoyment. When you felt true freedom roaming the sands for hidden treasure. And when choosing an ice cream from the van was just too much excitement to contain.

You just need to remember what it felt like to be you when you didn’t feel the weight of other peoples expectations on you. 

What you dreamed of when you were “bored”

We all have dreams. And by definition dreams are things that aren’t likely to come true. But that doesn’t mean they won’t. When you have a really clear dream, when you picture all the details, when you create a plan and take steps towards it every day. You can make your dreams a reality.

Your three year old self doesn’t know what’s not possible. Be three again today. Face everything with the curious creativity of your three year old self. What would they do today?

If you need help connecting to your curiously creative three year old self in your brand today, comment below and I’ll set you a simple challenge to get started.

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