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It’s not enough

…to just have a business
…to just have products or services that people might need
…to just have a brand that looks good

Now more than ever people are craving connection, belonging, a knowing that you’re on the same page, you have values that support each other, that you stand for something and that something is what I believe in too.

Now more than ever we’re seeking experience. In everything we do.

Your business is an experience people want to be part of.

Your offers create an experience that lasts past the initial transaction.

Your brand is an experience, a place that makes people feel connected, to you, to your message, to your values but more importantly to themselves. To the values they want to be known for.

It’s no longer enough to just do business for yourself. Your business, while it should always serve your goals, needs to become an experience your customers want to be a part of.

This idea of creating an experience in your business is one that’s been playing out these past few months more than ever. And it’s one we all benefit from paying more attention to, in business and in life.

What experience does your business create in the world?

Are you showing up in the way you want to be known?

Are you creating an experience for your customers that leaves a lasting impression on their lives?

How can you create an experience to enhance the way you do business this week?

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